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AUDIT AK CONSULT, s.r.o. has been providing Audit services and comprehensive Tax, Accounting, Legal and Economic support in business transactions for entrepreneurs for over 25 years.

Our primary aim of is to provide services that precisely meet the needs and requirements of both domestic and foreign clients.

Our clients include medium-size firms, individual entrepreneurs and investors, non-profit organizations, public sector organizations and municipalities. The office currently has more than 80 clients.

In the area of Audit and Tax services we have experience in various areas of business, e.g. Automotive & Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail & Wholesale, Sports & Gaming, Agriculture, Food & Drink and Building, Construction & Real Estate.

Satisfaction with our Services

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We successfully represented our clients in litigations with Tax Authorities and provided professional advice for Tax Courts.

We emphasize the maintenance of a stable team of professionals who are perfectly in tune with your needs. This has enabled us to establish strong personnel and professional credentials.

Our team consists of three Auditors, three Tax Advisors and a Lawyer. We closely cooperate with a law firm STŘELEC & Partner. Our employees are able to communicate in English at the professional level.

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